By 2030 India will have a water deficit of 50%.

Nearly 76 million people in India do not have access to safe drinking water, as polluted rivers and poor storage infrastructure over the years has created a water deficit which may become unmanageable in the future. India is heading towards an unmanageable water crisis

Water Crisis

But by coming together now,
we can solve this problem.

At Tahaan, our objectives are – Providing emergency water tankers,
permanent solutions to the water crisis in India, establishing rainwater harvesting projects,
water sanitation facilities, and plantation of trees to revive the ecology.

ParichaY - Big Change Starts Small

Parichay is an initiative to meet the green heroes that are transforming their homes to mini farms in distinctive ways. Get to hear their stories and know how they are doing it. The next hero could be you!

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By coming together now, we can solve this problem.