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    Water Filters for a Safe India

    Approximately 4 to 5 lakh children aged under five years die each year from impure water.
    Help us to Donate water filters to the underprivileged community.

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1.5 million children die of Diarrhoea alone

It is estimated that around 37.7 million Indians are affected by water-borne diseases annually. Around 1.5 million children are estimated to die of diarrhoea alone and 73 million working days are lost due to water-borne diseases each year.

Forty five per cent of India's children are stunted and 600,000 children under five die each year largely because of inadequate water supply and poor sanitation.

A Tahaan Initiative

Donate water filters to the underprivileged community.
Create an ecosystem where people are aware of easy water purifying techniques.
Encourage people to take up such initiative in their respective geographical regions.
Reach to maximum beneficiaries with our donation drives.


Donating Ceramic Water filter

Ceramic candle is used to filter out which contains micro-scale pores that trap and absorb impurities sediment, rust, organic matter, and large particles.

These filters are desirable over other types because their materials are widely accessible, affordable and have the ability to filter out significant amounts of contaminants.

Our goal is to donate water filters across the Vangni village to the underprivileged community.

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