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Journey Of Forests Over The Years

By: Soorya Shrinivas | Date: 1st September 2019

Since time immemorial forests have had a rather important aspect in human evolution. We have recogonised its importance since the nomadic times.

Forests were our home, our souce for shelter, rest and health. What started as a healthy relationship is now a dying one.

Forest cover across the world is reducing at an enormous rate, and it is said that, dying trees too emit carbon into the atmosphere which will add to the ever prsent green hose gases in the atmosphere.

Reports say that if deforestation continues at this rate, there will be a 30 % increase in green house gases.

Forests play a crucial role in our lives. Facts state that around 2billion people round the globe are directly or indirectly dependent on forsets for their livelihood.

Not just that, forests have created 13 million jobs and almost 300 million people live in forests, out of which 60 million are indegenious dwellers. They also help reduce carbon emissions, provide fresh water resources, prevent soil erosion so on and so forth.

This is to say that forests are quintessential for the survival of mankind on this planet. They have plethora of benefits and its continued depletion will prove to be the cornerstone in the destruction of mankind.