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Contribute your skills and knowledge to create an
awareness among people, so together as a community
we can create a long-lasting impact.

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Write with Us

Write to set information's ball rolling. Express yourself about the topics that matter in real sense & time, let your opinions be heard and spread the knowledge to make people a bit more well informed.

Research Article

Research to make the article relevant. The words are the source of essence that leads to change of mindsets for good, and researched words are the imperishable, empirical and truthful wisdom that lights up an unexplored dimension.

Submit Story

Any story of water management or conservation is a story worth telling. Remember it is not just a story you are sharing, you are taking up a lantern of inspiration to a generation. Have a story? Send it across and let it be a force multiplier.

Design with us

Catch the eyeballs with your creative designing skills. Aesthetics are the doorway for instant attraction with just a stroke of paint. So help us to create awareness post for social media platforms & featured images for the blog.

Submit Photos

Captured the moment of truth? Be it bitter or sweet, the images are the souls of the frozen time. Send us when you were in action, or when you witnessed anything significant that you cannot resist but unveil. If confused about what to send, ask us for a theme!

Be a Curator

Your keen sense of acknowledgment is what we need in our Guardian aka Curator. So come and contribute in selecting, managing, caretaking the topics, articles or other creative materials to be posted, arranged and most importantly to keep in the pipeline.

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