• India is heading towards an
    unmanageable water crisis.

    An estimated 76 million people in India have no access to a safe water supply.
    Official figures show that each day, approximately 500 million litres of wastewater
    from industrial sources is dumped into the Ganga.

Rainwater & groundwater
resources are also facing risk.

Cleaning up rivers is not the only solution India should look at, as rainwater and
groundwater resources of India are also facing risk. 45,053 villages in india have access
to piped water and handpumps but 18,917 villages still have no access.

23,716 Industrial projects
replace forests over 30 years.

India’s forests now cover 701,673 sq km, or 21.34% of the country,
compared to 640,819 sq km 29 years ago. India once had 14.8 billion acres of land
that was forested, but now has just dwindled to 8.6 billion acres.

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