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The New Forest of Today: Urban Forests

By: Muskan Aggarwal | Date: 5th September 2019

It has been said that there are about 12 years after which Earth will enter the point of no return. However, this grim situation is not an excuse to give up but rather a wake-up call to start increasing our efforts.

In commemoration of our tree plantation drive this month, we have decided to cover new efforts for enriching nature, of which urban forests are a perfect example.

Urban forests are, as its name suggests, forests or collection of trees, and plant vegetation in cities and spaces which are moving towards urbanization.

Considering our natural forests have been declining, we have to look at how urban forests can compensate for their depletion and how we can protect them.

Urban forests offer environmental, economic, health, social benefits to us. This can be demonstrated by how they result in air purification in areas surrounding them, increased water retention, lower temperatures in the environmental aspect.

In addition to this, urban forests maintain the infrastructure and add to the aesthetic value of any urban space leading to a boost in the economy.

Furthermore, it has been observed the expenditures on health reduce as the urban forests are maintained well. This is evident by the improvement in the health status of people residing near these forests leading to a better quality of life.

This improvement is possible due to cleaner and vibrant surroundings, and physical activity, that is encouraged by these green spaces, thereby also adding to the social value of the society.

These benefits should only encourage us to ensure that both the governments and the individuals work hard towards their maintenance. After all, who wouldn’t like a view of greenery fresh in the morning with birds chirping as the breezy wind flows by.

This clearly works to both the advantage of earth and its inhabitants that includes us.

You will be intrigued to know that another NGO named ‘Green Yatra’ launched its plantation project of creating a dense green patch of 10 crore trees by the year 2025, using the Miyawaki technique of plantation, in Mumbai.

Such an inspiring story in our fight against environmental degradation!

The promotion and protection of existing urban forests is another aspect that requires attention. The clash between developmental projects and protection of nature has led to a decrease in the vegetation cover.

Therefore, the proper planning of these forests is a sure-shot way to ensure their survival, this is possible when the governments lead environmentally conscious citizens.

We now end on a hopeful note of creating significant impact by our actions, and it is our goal to raise awareness to sensitize the public so that they can make an informed decision for the environment they live in.