Understanding the Water Quality Status of Rivers in Maharashtra:

Motivation for project:

The rivers and lakes are affected due to urbanization and rapid industrialization. The domestic as well as industrial wastes find their way in water bodies thereby hampering the natural ecology. In order to frame intervention plans for river restoration, it is of utmost importance to understand how the river water quality has been changing over the years, along with the present state.
As part of M.Tech thesis at IIT Kanpur, I had analyzed decadal flows and water quality of river Yamuna. Working under the able guidance of Prof. Vinod Tare (Founding head, CGanga, - Centre for Ganga River Basin Rejuvenation and Management studies, IIT Kanpur), I have developed a better understanding of water quality parameters. After M.Tech, I was keen to understand the state of rivers in Maharashtra. I expressed this desire to work on rivers to my friend, Ravina, who positively supported the thought.
This is a two-month project for which two interns from Environmental background have been hired. As project lead, I will be coordinating with the students involved in the project on a weekly basis. I have designed an eight week task schedule, the objectives and learning outcomes of which are listed below.


1. Mapping of rivers and water quality monitoring stations in Maharashtra
2. Literature review on water quality of rivers in Maharashtra
3. Learning about water quality monitoring programs, permissible limits and discharge standards
4. Analyzing spatio-temporal and seasonal variation for available CPCB data

Learning Outcomes:

1. Get an overview of riverine system in Maharashtra
2. Develop an understanding of various water quality parameters
3. Get acquainted with MS Office, statistical tools and Google Earth
4. Develop an insight for river rejuvenation projects


- Ms. Shweta Lokhande, Pune

Educational background:

Currently working as a Junior Research Fellow on a project funded by Department of Science and Technology, under the guidance of Prof. Pradip Kalbar, at the Centre for Urban Sciences and Engineering (C-USE), IIT Bombay

- Post-Graduation: M.Tech, Environmental Engineering, IIT Kanpur

- Graduation: B.E. Civil, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune

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