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    Project Parichay is an initiative to meet the green heroes that are transforming their homes to mini farms in distinctive ways.
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An Approach for Urban & Organic Farming

In the present-day society farming has become one of the most volatile professions in the rungs of success. With the ever-worsening condition of the soil it has become a question of adopting soil and environment friendly techniques for farming, but even then, the farmer faces various hurdles i.e. the government, the environment and its resources.

In the face of healthy techniques, it is organic farming which is rising out on top techniques, though the chemicals are still in rampant use, the organic farming is a ray of hope for the farming world.

Parichay; a Tahaan initiative is a step towards increasing awareness and helping farmers gain recognition for their unique efforts towards the improvement in farming. In Parichay, we have taken interviews of farmers for their contributions, motivations, techniques, and the hurdles they face in adopting organic farming and encouraging others to do so as well.

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The next hero could be you!